We manufacture AEMION, a next-gen ion-exchange membrane.



Aemion is the most durable and versatile high-performance anion-exchange membrane ever synthesized — backed by best-in-world quality assurance & consistency.


Aemion is stable across a wide range of pH and temperature - suitable for many next-generation electrochemical devices.


With over 3x the toughness of Nafion® under all conditions, Aemion brings the mechanical strength necessary to the most challenging applications.


Integrators have reported very high current densities using Aemion as AEM and Ionomer making these materials very promising for high performance operation in electrolyzers, reverse electrodialysis, and more.


Manufactured and cast in Vancouver, BC, our highly qualified team uses the best technologies available to ensure the consistent quality of Aemion.



Aemion can be shipped dry, and is a straight drop into a wide range of existing anion-exchange membrane applications — alongside being easier to process into catalyst layers compared to competitive materials.


Engage in a prototyping relationship with us, and our team can apply our deep knowledge of materials properties development to rapidly adapt Aemion to your product needs.





Chemical Engineering Services

If you require customized catalyst-coated membranes for integration into your device, we use an ultrasonicating spray coater to create consistent, high-quality electrodes.

We can partner with your R&D team to adapt Aemion's properties to your application.

Membrane & Ionomer

We offer a full range of membranes and ionomer solutions. 
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Ionomr in (Very) Brief

Who Are We?

IONOMR was founded in 2015, birthed as a venture out of the SFU Chemistry Department based on technology developed in the Holdcroft Group.

We work with many of the finest companies and researchers in the world developing electrochemical applications, with partners in Canada, the United States, Japan, Germany, England, France, and Israel.

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Our Team

Our Ionomr team bridges materials science and business — bringing the credibility and delivery needed to establish Aemion as a platform for the next generation CleanTech solutions in energy & water treatment.


Benjamin Britton


With extensive and varied device-end experience with anion-exchange membranes in challenging conditions, Ben is taking Aemion to device integrators around the world.

With a Ph.D. from the Holdcroft group, Benjamin is part of the initial cohort of scientist-entrepreneurs who received a Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization from the Beedie School of Business.


Dr. Steven Holdcroft

Science Advisor & Co-founder

An internationally renowned polymer chemist and electrochemist, Dr. Holdcroft has developed an entire class of innovative, advanced functional materials and the tools for their characterization.

Prior to becoming Chair of the SFU Chemistry Department and Technical Director of CaRPE-FC, Canada's National fuel cell research network, Dr. Holdcroft led the membrane-electrode assemblies team at the NRC - Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation.

Dr. Timothy J. Peckham


The Senior Research Associate of the Holdcroft Group and a former membrane project leader with Ballard Power Systems, Dr. Peckham has been involved in the research and development of ion-exchange membranes for over 16 years and has extensive experience with taking lab-scale advanced polymers to pilot-scale production.

As a member of Dr. Holdcroft’s team since the inception of the Aemion project, he has been instrumental in making it the versatile material it is today.

Dr. Titichai Navessin


With a Ph.D. in electrochemistry and an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at UBC, Dr. Navessin founded Pacific Rim Research Inc. and is the Managing Director of CaRPE-FC.

He is experienced in the early-stage growth of technology-based ventures and well-connected to the local business community.


in the news

Making Waves

Since Ionomr formed in late 2015, we've been the recipient of multiple awards, and have enjoyed extensive media coverage:

sFU innovates

After winning their 2015 Coast Capital Venture Prize, Ionomr's team and technology were featured by Simon Fraser University.

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financial post

Ionomr was featured in the Financial Post as part of coverage on lab-to-market entrepreneurial ventures.

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ready to rocket

Ionomr was considered an 'Emerging Rocket' in the 2016 'Ready to Rocket' list, which featured the best high-growth opportunities among BC companies.

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sFU's faculty of science

Ionomr was featured by SFU's Faculty of Science for bringing innovations from lab to market.

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hong kong-canada venture prize

Ionomr won the Hong Kong - Canada Venture Prize, after competing with university-derived tech startups from across Canada.

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Beedie School of Business

SFU's Beedie School of Business featured Ionomr as an early success from their Graduate Certificiate in Science and Technology Commercialization programme.




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